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2 definitions by djwdohfks

A cute girl who is awesomeus. Anyone will love to be Tiki. Shes smart fun sweet and amazing. All guys want her. Girls are so jealous of her awesomeness and cuteness. They love Tiki. Shes SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PERFECT.
by djwdohfks April 14, 2013
The most beautiful girl who loves to talk to anyone. She is nice, sweet, cool and awesome. Shes amazing. This girl loves to have fun and is super cool. Any girl wishes to be her. Everyone knows Pratika and most people call her Tiki. Any girl would be lucky to have her brain since she is so smart. All guys love her and want to be her friend. Her incredible sarcasm blows everyone away. She is funny sometimes with her corny jokes. She is super talkative. She is very positive and loves to help people out with advice.
by djwdohfks April 12, 2013