Tig is the Northern English version of the children's game tag. In its simplest form it involves chasing after people a 'tigging' them - touching them - so that they either have to stand still, or they become the chaser. Inevitably, there are many permutations of this game.
'Tig, you're it!'

'He tigged you so you have to stay still now.'

'Let's play tiggy.'
by zooey_glass04 February 17, 2005
Short name for a woman with large breasts, or tig old bitties. May also stand for The It Girl.
Check it out...TIG coming at your 3 o'clock.
by jimbobshooter March 25, 2011
A nickname for the Detroit Tigers Major League Baseball team.
Person 1: Wow, the Tigs destroyed the Twins 10-2 today.
Person 2: Yeah they are so good this year. I think the Tigs will win the World Series.
by OsborneSwagYes April 09, 2013
A cross between a tiger and a pig
Thati new guy sure runs hot and cold, what a tig.
by Wildthing January 16, 2012
A tig is basically the opposite of a chode, it's normal length but really really skinny.
You have a tig.
by Chodstein April 13, 2011
Usually a penis that is very thin, also known as a pencil dick. People who are super skinny and bony are also referred to as Tigs.
Matt is such a tig!
by twaticunthereyou420 April 02, 2013
Trust in God
Person #1: Everything seems to be going wrong, I just can't trust in anybody these days..
Person #2: Well you know you could always tig. Trust in God, even says on our coins in the USA that in God we Trust, might as well.
by stevierocks May 01, 2012

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