The nickname for any scrawny whiteboy that is put into prison. They probably are anxious, jumpy and look like Golemn from Lord of the Rings.
Big John: Tighty whitey over there had better be ready. I don't get the name big John for nothing.

Vinnie: Tighty Whitey dropped the soap in the shower this morning.
by Avdog8989 April 13, 2010
A white girl who has chosen not to have sex. She is tight and white. Hence, tighty-whitey.
Eli: That chick wouldn't let me fuck her.
Teddy: What a tighty-whitey.
by rolling down a hill somewhere February 01, 2009
Simple: a white chick whose tight. Not lose.
Alex: god, i just can't fit in this chick.
Ben: is she a virgin?
Alex: yeahh.
Ben: is she a white?
Alex: yeah?
by freefalling. February 01, 2009
Underwear that is typically worn by little kids. Has the same shape of a diaper and usually has kids TV figures on it. Many kids over 10 are made fun of for wearing them, so they switch over to boxers.
When I was 13, I was babysitting my 6 year old neighbor. When I went to see if he was getting ready for bed, I saw him wearing Tighty Whiteys. I forgot they were still made.
by lofflercopter October 04, 2008
A caucasian female/male who has not had vaginal and/or anal sex.
Jerome: Look at her!!
DonDre: She is smokin' hot!!
Jerome: Wonder if she's a tighty whitey??
DonDre: Lets go find out.
by LordNikon February 13, 2008
An underwear for nerds that is usually a target for wedgies.
There was this kid in the locker room and me and my friends pulled down his pants reveaing his tighty whiteys so we laghed then we gave him the biggest wedgie and hung him from a hook on the door.
by anjamin April 23, 2009
White chick who's also really tight
Your mom's a tighty whitey
by ChinoLoco March 04, 2008
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