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The best and coolest type of underwear. worn by both women and men. The only bad thing about them is they don't hide boners. They are the best to wear in a boys locker room, because they are cool. they come in many styles and colors. They are loose fitting, short shorts worn underneath pants. they are made of either soft cotton or a scratchy material and have elastic in the waistband only. They are the only underwear to sag in.
In the locker room at my school boys get pantsed and wegies all the time. The ones who get pantsed and have boxers on are left alone after. The ones with other underwear are given wedgies.
by anjamin April 23, 2009
An underwear for nerds that is usually a target for wedgies.
There was this kid in the locker room and me and my friends pulled down his pants reveaing his tighty whiteys so we laghed then we gave him the biggest wedgie and hung him from a hook on the door.
by anjamin April 23, 2009
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