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1 definition by Echo-Man01

A Comfertable Yet Embarrising type of underwear to buy and wear, though I wear Them, they're the best underwear ever.
As I Got Dress For Gym, Some Kid Cme Up To Me And Pantsed Me, Showing My Tighty Whiteys, And Just After That I Was Given An Enoumous Hanging Wedgie And Wouldn't Be Let Down!, Then, As They Pulled Down On My Briefs, Tey Started To Rip Sorta Come Off, Then, It Happend, They Ripped Off Exposing My Penis To Everyone, Luckily, I Was Near The Restroom, So I Was Hiding There Nearly The Whole Day! Afterwords I Was Able To Get My Pants On And get Home, A Misrable Day Indeed.
by Echo-Man01 November 12, 2008