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A game or an art form made up by horny school boys involving stroking a mans breast/chest region either doing it to ones self or to another male. This is perhaps the greatest way to begin a conversation or simply to make friends. Homosexuals are excluded from these activities so before beginning, one must ask each player a simple question "are u gay?". If the answer is yes, discontinue this game immediately. Other forms of this game include: licking ones hand and gently touching the nipple or gently squeezing ones breast and expressing a "im biithhexuuaall" facial expression. This game originated from the dark corners of a physics classroom by one boy who enjoyed touching another boy. It somehow escaped the corners of this classroom and the rest is history...
(boy 1 performs the tight squeeze)
boy 2: wtf are you doing man???????
boy 1: hahahhahahaa....man its the latest craze...
boy 2: man you r soo wierd
boy 1:...this is awkward ey?
boy 2:...yehhhh
(ten years later both boys are caught cheating on eachothers husbands)
by charles connor steve April 13, 2006
When stick a dick up a VERY VERY tight pussy/bootyhole. And you have to squeeze up. At the same time you have to make sure you dick doesnt get rug burn.
Jimmy had to do a tight squeeze in Damons butt hole!
by Jamie1212 May 28, 2008