some big titties
that girl has some nice tiggies!
by rodney May 07, 2003
Top Definition
a girl that likes to act like herself and play around and have fun
yeah i should know....cuz i am tiggy
by tiggy September 06, 2004
a really cute girl in everyway
tiggy is soo cute i wanna huggle her
by inux101 August 04, 2004
Another name for the game of tag
fancy a game of tiggy?
by T-Bone_Mendez February 25, 2009
The name of a very special girl, with talent and humour and a great body.
I knew a girl called tiggy she was great. And how many people get there own name named after them, and you say im lazy !
by Squid January 14, 2004
Someone Who has a one shit ton of swag and awesome.
Never gay and can totally whip some fagots shitty ass.
This person must be born from the U.S. and not own an Xbox because there just too awesome to have one.
Holy shit bro, check out that Tiggy, I have to gobble up a cake!
by Bert Turtle April 16, 2011
A fat pug. One who loves table scraps. He may also love to eat cat poop aka shit. haha. He is also a piggy. He loves to pee on tires, i advise you not to put one on you.
That dog is such a tiggy.
by Bob Likes Girls July 13, 2008
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