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A non-asian person who poses as an asian, or possesses "asianisms".
My god lauren, that sanrio shirt makes you look like such a tiggle.
by bobtomjoeyoh December 02, 2008
15 5
Code word for Anal Sex
"Dave, let's have some tiggles tonight!"
by Neilio Pennelio November 18, 2009
36 25
to lick
Rina tiggled Khalid
by MinnieMEME April 12, 2009
12 8
Can be used with most words in any order to emphasize a word, create a new word, or make new and cooler word with the same meaning...have fun
1) Tiggletard!
2) Tigglemonkey!
3) Nuttiggle!
by Micah M. February 08, 2009
10 8
It is used to express the females ass. It's a combination of "tightness" and "Jiggle". The "Tiggle" is very hard to find since many girls don't have both factors of the Tiggle
Oh Dayum! That girl's got the best Tiggle I've ever seen!
by جعفر ابن ماهر June 17, 2011
6 5
When a girls booty has the perfect tightness and perfect jiggle
damn that girl got a tiggle
by Toots1234 May 06, 2011
4 4
tiggle means to stroke someones arm when cuddling them or play with there hair or stroke there face
hey babe, tiggle my neck so i can fall asleep
by December 05, 2011
0 6