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The company that originated Hello Kitty.
It's Japanese and has been around for about 30 years.
There are many stores in the U.S.
by Enna B. January 07, 2005
70 9
keroppi, pochacco, hello kitty...all dem good stuff
by *~sW33ti3Pn@i85~* March 19, 2003
63 27
The little expensive stores that sell girly accessories.
From clothes, jewelry, wallets, pencil cases, pencils, school supply, beauty, bags, plushies, candy, stamps, stickers, charms..etc.

Caylen: Hitomi Kasugawa! Lets go to Sanrio!
Hitomi Kasugawa: OMG! Ah lets! Btw..did you know that I am Japanese, and so is Hello Kitty from Sanrio?
Caylen: You!? Duh..with a name like yours you must be Italian!
Anyways, here have my scented Hello Kitty eraser that costs two bucks.
by Gold'' April 17, 2008
28 19