Term used to describe very large breasts, so big infact the words get mixed up in your brain (since the phrase is suppose to come out Big o' Titties). It also is used to mask the fact that your talking about Big o' Titties in front of the ladies, unfortunately the drool on your chin gives you away.
Damn those are some Tig o' Bitties!!!
by JOe H May 05, 2006
*FaT ASS Titties
*the backwords slang for "big old titties"
DaYaM, I've GoT SoMe TiG-O-BiTTieS!
by LeXa January 11, 2005
(esp. Southern USA)

Used when referring to set of whopping big ole titties. Add cross-eyed facial gesture for added emphasis.
Damn, that ho got some Tig 'ol Bitties!!!

Dolly Parton is a right fine singer, and she sho got some Tig O'Bittys ta boot!
by miamigroove April 27, 2010
big ol tits
man i saw this girl with some tigobitties
by jet88 January 09, 2003
its just a safe way of saying big-ol-titties -- infront of someone without them knowing...
Damn yo, that bitch got some tig-o-bitties.

You seen them tig-o-bitties?

by Lord Rozin April 23, 2008
when a girls tits can reach a wall before her nose does.
Damn!!! That girl got some tig-o-bitties!!!
by Akex & marksmen May 09, 2008
massive tits of doom
look at those pancake nips on those tigo bitties
by sky and reid January 23, 2009
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