Toronto Film Festival. Film festival held in Toronto, Canada.
I had been at TIFF last evening
by Tom725 September 07, 2007
Top Definition
a fight between two people; a disagreement where two people aren't talking
Me and kat are in a little tiff...
by steph January 10, 2005
Turquoise & black SB Dunks made for Diamond Supply Co. called tiffs because the colors are similar to a tiffany jewelry box.
eyy playa, how'd you get those tiffs! only like 700 pairs made, i thought!
by B!0hzrd May 29, 2007
Tiff - A scwabble, or fight between people, most commonly a "girlish" fight about something small or rediculous.
They had a little tiff over who got the last piece of cake.
by enad99992 February 12, 2009

Plural (Tiffs)
A female counter part of a Bro. Native to college campuses, Dave Matthews band concerts and tail gates. Often wears sorority t-shirts, North Face fleece jackets and especially Tiffany an Co. bracelets, for which they are named.

Tell-Tale signs of Tiff behavior include but are not limited to: Showing die hard support of a sports team in order to attract attention from Bros, Beer Pong, Flippy Cup, Making T-shirts for minuscule events, wearing Pink pajama pants and fleece to class, painting celebratory messages on the windows of friend's vehicles using car paint.
I almost got hit on the way to class by some Tiff who was too blasting Lady Gaga out of their Jeep Wrangler to pay attention to the road.
by Bro Bice January 25, 2010
An argument, often between Husband and Wife
Those two seem to be having a Lover's Tiff!
by The G Daddy September 09, 2003
The act of forcibly inserting one's genitalia into the mouth of a partner, with consent. The key to Tiffing is two-fold: achieving an angle such that pleasure is maximized for one party, and diminished for another; and making eye contact so the party Tiffing can verify that the party being Tiffed is in fact still alive.
"Dude, things got out of hand last night, I totally got the perfect angle on that slut when I tiffed her."
by Jalex123 February 17, 2014
-n/ adj. (syn: Tiffin', Tiffany, Epitiffany).
A tiff is a really bitchy person, a hilariously non-threatening bitch, an argument, cat fight or the like...

Inspirational articles of Tiff:

Breakfast at Tiffany's, Tiffany Co., Any popular girl named Tiffany ever born, teeny boppers, Jennifer Tilly's furry minge. Bob Sagat, Hillary Duff, and S.H.A.G. bait. (syphilis, Herpes, AIDs, gonorrhea)

modern day tiffs: Andrew's, Charlie's, Skylar's, Alex's, Sam's, Tylwhores's
, Joe's, cindy's, Jerions, John jett's, and francos.

Gawds of Tiffin': CAW, CAD, JWP, CDD, CPD, MT, HRCB, APP, CCJCM
Do you see that tranny Doug? Ah! Gawd, he is such a tiff!!!!
by CCJCM (H) August 09, 2013
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