1. The expression of not wanting to deal with something at the moment, or finding certain things unappeasable.

Origin: Derived from the phrase "Too Far" which had become too long to say due to laziness, leading the use of just the two letters "T" "F", which also, after so long had become two syllables too many, thus eventually leading to "Tiff."

It is often used to replace phrases such as; "Screw that," "Fuck this," "forget about it," etc.
Nick: Hey man, let's go to the library and get our study on.
Carl: Dude, tiff that.

Girlfriend: You never spend enough time with me!
Boyfriend: Tiff this relationship.
by TiffLife November 29, 2011
Someone who tells irrelevant, pointless stories and/or gives you meaningless information about things that nobody cares about.
"Stop being such a Tiff. No-one cares that your roommate just got home!"

"She kept telling us all these dumb stories about her cat! She was being a complete Tiff."
by J&M Inc. June 16, 2013
Tiff is an extremely sexy and seductive guy. If you ever meet a Tiff be sure to never let home go. He may well be a little bit crazy but he will one day turn out to one of the best companions in your life. Generally he will be very smart and funny but won't always act his age. Many of the things he does are as a result of his lust for excitement and his love of adventure. Don't judge a Tiff by his cover, because you will live to regret it.
Oh shit, Tiff stole my girl again!
by LordZebra January 30, 2015
Those petty, small arguements, quarrels, lovers tiffs, wind-ups.
To accompany the saying 'Tiffs, Taffs and Tantrums'.

Tiffs - arguements, quarrels, lovers tiffs.

Taffs - those usual things.

Tantrums - tears, upsets, unloved.
by Long Johns August 03, 2011
An awkward and unsuspected passing of gas. Most often among a large group of people who are only acquaintances, or mutual friends.
boy- "last night at your parent's house, i totally passed a tiff."

girl- "i was wondering why you wanted to leave early."
by d000000dwheresmycar July 27, 2010
the act of shitting while being fingered. the word "Tiff" can also be used to replace the word "Shit."
John was in the back with his girl when she tiff'd all over.
by dGORk. October 12, 2009
Toronto Film Festival. Film festival held in Toronto, Canada.
I had been at TIFF last evening
by Tom725 September 07, 2007
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