The act of forcibly inserting one's genitalia into the mouth of a partner, with consent. The key to Tiffing is two-fold: achieving an angle such that pleasure is maximized for one party, and diminished for another; and making eye contact so the party Tiffing can verify that the party being Tiffed is in fact still alive.
"Dude, things got out of hand last night, I totally got the perfect angle on that slut when I tiffed her."
by Jalex123 February 17, 2014
-n/ adj. (syn: Tiffin', Tiffany, Epitiffany).
A tiff is a really bitchy person, a hilariously non-threatening bitch, an argument, cat fight or the like...

Inspirational articles of Tiff:

Breakfast at Tiffany's, Tiffany Co., Any popular girl named Tiffany ever born, teeny boppers, Jennifer Tilly's furry minge. Bob Sagat, Hillary Duff, and S.H.A.G. bait. (syphilis, Herpes, AIDs, gonorrhea)

modern day tiffs: Andrew's, Charlie's, Skylar's, Alex's, Sam's, Tylwhores's
, Joe's, cindy's, Jerions, John jett's, and francos.

Gawds of Tiffin': CAW, CAD, JWP, CDD, CPD, MT, HRCB, APP, CCJCM
Do you see that tranny Doug? Ah! Gawd, he is such a tiff!!!!
by CCJCM (H) August 09, 2013
Those petty, small arguements, quarrels, lovers tiffs, wind-ups.
To accompany the saying 'Tiffs, Taffs and Tantrums'.

Tiffs - arguements, quarrels, lovers tiffs.

Taffs - those usual things.

Tantrums - tears, upsets, unloved.
by Long Johns August 03, 2011
An awkward and unsuspected passing of gas. Most often among a large group of people who are only acquaintances, or mutual friends.
boy- "last night at your parent's house, i totally passed a tiff."

girl- "i was wondering why you wanted to leave early."
by d000000dwheresmycar July 27, 2010
the act of shitting while being fingered. the word "Tiff" can also be used to replace the word "Shit."
John was in the back with his girl when she tiff'd all over.
by dGORk. October 12, 2009
Toronto Film Festival. Film festival held in Toronto, Canada.
I had been at TIFF last evening
by Tom725 September 07, 2007
Abbreviation: That Is Fucking Funny.
"Wow, a definition of sufa - tiff!"
by The Original Tyler Durden October 27, 2006

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