What the Wapanese fanboys who own a SONY Playstation masturbate to, because they can't get a date with a REAL girl.
Wapanese: OMG Tifas boobz r all over teh screen & I can almost see her pantiez wen she bends over *fap* *fap* *fap*
by otaku killer August 24, 2003
The computer generated image that wapanese people jerk off too. That's right, computer generated.
The fucking wapanese bastard failed grade 9 because he spent 20 hours a day beating off while staring at tifa.
by SPORK September 18, 2003
1) A robust pair of watermelon-sized boobs attached to a woman.

2) The onwer of these beautiful boobs is none other than the barely legal Tifa Lockhart of Final Fantasy 7 fame. She is a lowly bartender one week, and then the next, she is a hero who saves the world from certain destruction. She gains the ability to fly in the sequel Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children.

3) A fanboy's wet dream
1)"That woman's hooters are as big as Tifa's!"

2)Designed by Tetsuya Nomura. Owned by Square Enix

3)"Dude, I had a dream I was having a pants party with Tifa!"
by McFweeb December 22, 2008
One of the heroines in the smash RPG hit, Final Fantasy VII. During the game, Tifa was a barmaid at the 7th Heaven, and had an unrequitted crush on the game's hero, Cloud. Her best friend during the game was the main heroine, Aeris. She fights with her fists and is a well-trained martial artist. Tifa also appears in Square-Enix's new computer-animated sequel, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.
Tifa had the biggest breasts in Final Fantasy VII compaired to her the others looked flat. XD
by Shadow987666 January 04, 2006
Sexy woman who grew up in Nibelheim along with Cloud Strife, she was a guide up Mt. Nibelheim where Sephiroth, Zack, Cloud, and some other Soldier we don't care about found the mako reactor, where Sephiroth found out he was made in an experiment at which point he killed like everyone and burned Nibelheim. Tifa became the barmaid at Midgar's 7th Heaven. She loves Cloud but never admits it. Her best Friend was Aeris.
Tifa has huge breasts
by Zach E. April 11, 2006
Hot heroine from the greatest game ever made Final Fantasy VII. Tifa led the battle along with cloud and the AVALANCHE gang against Shinra and later against Sephiroth.
And yes shes got some big ol' knockers.
by Kevin Monroe January 29, 2004
1) Character from Final Fantasy VII. Beautiful girl who is strong and self-less but struggles to show her feelings which has led to its other use:
2)Noun. Description used when someone displays traits similar to the character above
"Damn, that girl needs to tell John she loves him, what a Tifa."
"Stop being such a Tifa, don't stand by and watch yuor man get stolen by some girlie wench in a shitty dress"
"That Tifa kicked his ass. She booted him straight in the face"
by LuBeLu May 15, 2005

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