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Tie-kuan-do-me is a form of foreplay where the male preforms taekwondo moves in the air while shirtless. Making many "tough sounds". Tie-kuan-do-me is most effective when the male performer is small and frail. Grossly obese males can also use this move but please be sure not to strike your partner with the flying fat. It is the most commonly overlooked foreplay move in the male foreplay manual.
Jill- Amber how did your date go with Tim last night.
Amber- It was amazing
Jill- Why?
Amber- Well dinner was great he took me McDonald's then back to the hotel where he used the Tie-kuan-do-me foreplay method.

Jill- That always makes me wet.
Amber- Me too I just cant keep my panties one once the tie-kuan-do-me starts
by tie-kuan-do-me master February 21, 2012
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