Another word for persciption pills
did you go get your tickets today?
by JimBeam1984 January 28, 2009
Totally rad, minty, dope smooth. anything that is better than something else. Usually refferred to in Mountain biking. You know, Mountain bike slang.
Dude, that bike is ticket.

I'm doing that trail again, its ticket.

That step-up is big, but it's ticket.
by CiRKUiT June 25, 2010
$10-25 Bag of herion which breaks out two about 2 small lines.... Ten Tickets equals a bundle.
Buyer: wassup with two tickets to the Houston game?

Seller: thats gonna run ya bouta dub
by Shahman August 24, 2009
Condoms, because you need a ticket to get in.
Oh no, you are not having sex with me without tickets.
by Michael Goodrich December 04, 2006
A gram of marijuana
hey dude you got the ticket to the magic show?
by Tyrone Johnson June 29, 2003
a pill of any kind such as vicodin, percocet, xanex, etc.
Yo Tim, you got any more of those vikings tickets for the game this weekend?
by Tim J. Button September 26, 2005
slang for your Heart
yo jimmy got his ticket broke by this bitch
by AC June 03, 2003

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