Tich is a beautiful girl with an amazing voice and has a bright future ahead of her. Anyone would kill to have her amazing voice. She currently has 24,000 subscribers and 2,700,000 video views in youtube
-Do you know any cool music I could listen to?
-Yeah, look up Tich.
by Kodioso March 10, 2013
Top Definition
A small amount; a very little difference
His second homework assignment was a tich better.
by Laura Gunderson September 10, 2007
girl cute and silly some times a paine in the butt but you love them any ways
turm of endearment to a girl.;tich
by henry anderson May 14, 2008
When someone changes plans last minute. Ruining the plans that were originally made.
I can't believe you tiched out on me Ellen by not coming to the game, now I don't have a ride.
by ZayneArnett September 05, 2013
1. You know that one girl that everyone hates but she thinks she so popular. The person who hugs a guy just because you like him. Who tries to give you nickname that she thinks are cute but are just annoying. If any of these apply she's a tich.
2. Another word for bitch that wont get you in trouble with parents, teachers,bosses,etc.
3. When someone you like starts doing something (or someone) thats just idiotic, especially if they then bitch to you about them.
4. Everyone has one just think who makes you say ugh when she walks towards you.
4. steer clear of tichs they just lead to drama and desire to kill.
"wow she must be dumb I've been calling here tich forever and she just think its a cutesy nickname like the one she gave me. ugh cabbage wabbage."
by lanidon October 11, 2009
Short for Dr. Tichner's antispetic. This substance is similar to Listerine and was guzzled by ghetto lowlifes when they couldn't get their hands on any decent Thunderbird
Say, dude, that hot Tich burnt a hole in my brain. yaknwwhattamean?
by Cosmicstargoat April 29, 2004
Jon: Hey Jim, you're such a tich!
Jim: Am not!
by xdarklinkx November 03, 2009
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