1) A blunt filled with weed and laced with cocaine. Tical represents Lace It, when spelled backwards.

2) The title of Method Man's first solo album.
Fire up that tical and lets get slizzered!
by Hottlunch July 18, 2006
A Blunt that contains not just marijuana but cocaine aswell.
"Tical get, HMMM"

"What's that shit that they be smokin'?.....TICAL....TICAL"
by Smoke_Dat_Shiiiit! September 13, 2005
a blunt of weed mixed with angel dust
what's that shit that they be smoking?
by abomb March 09, 2005
Method man's alias. see: meth
"Funk Doc and Tical are the shit!" (BLACKOUT!!!!)
by Redman July 04, 2003
A spliff of weed laced with some Crystal Methamphetamine a.k.a. Meth... Method Man.
What's that shit that they be smokin? Tical... tical, tical
Pass it over here now... tical... tical, tical

by Menace_Thief August 13, 2007

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