A very small penis, is known to give fresh breath.
Bucky has a tic-tac cock.
by 86ONE June 18, 2006
Adopted brown kid from El Salvador with mild case of cerebral palsy.
Look at Tic-Tac, he's c-blockin again!
by the prophet April 10, 2003
A nickname for a person who is a hell tripper.
Hey tic tac is everything going ok? *scratch* *scratch* *scratch* *scratch* *scratch* "Just peaking!!!!!..... BYE!!!"... .. .
by Timmey'O'Tewl February 17, 2004
The greatest mint in the world, only 10 at a time will do for these mints
" Hey Jean want a tic tac?"

" No Ital I don't want A tic tac I want ten you cheap ass!"
by Bigger tic tac June 22, 2015

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