a small area normally found between the upper thigh of a man. varies in size color and taste.
Look! that kid named Lane has a rather small purple tic tac!
by widedick July 22, 2008
mmmmmmm addictive and the best thing ever invented for getting hyper at the cinema with your best mate and swearing at the little kiddies. (yes we went to see finding nemo!)
also the smell of the box after is crazy ace!
scarily they truly are addictive....
oh yeh they're a tiny little mint =)
oh fuck theres kids in this cinema....bollocks, i mean shit, i mean crap, i mean oops!
an act performed on all hallows eve, throwing of corn, soaping windows, devils night fun
Mr. johnson was sure mad when we tic taced his house on devils night!
by j barton September 12, 2007
A type of penis in which is so small and white, it looks similar to a tic tac. Tic tacs commonly belong to people named caden.
That caden kid has a tic tac penis.
by squirellyninja August 01, 2010
an under developed girl.
who is small and thin
and wears too much make up
a tic tac is girl who is 14/15
who looks around 11
and tries to dress as if their 19
by Laura Beats November 28, 2006
A derogatory name for a person with tics or Tourettes syndrome.
Man 1: Gahhhhhhh
Man 2: Stop you Stupid tic tac
by Chrisdaballer May 18, 2007
the size of a penis
"your hung like a tic tac"

"is that a tic tac in ur pocket or are u just happy to see me"
by Anonymous May 08, 2003
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