describing a female body type exceeding reasonable standards for thickness thick but falling below the minimum threshold required for chunky.
Yes, the girl that I allowed to perform fellatio on me was rather plump, but I would say that she was merely thunky and not fat.
by J-Man1 April 21, 2006
Sitting on that fine line between "thin" and "chunky", but not obese. Usually used as a negative comment directed at women.
"Has she gotten fat since high school?"
Answer: "Nah, i'd just say she's a little thunky."
by Aggdawg March 29, 2009
a definition that is a combination of thick and chunky. It could either describe some European woman who is obese, or a fat person who bitches about her weight, and makes excuses denying the validity in it. Or she affirms it in a mild twisted way.
Am I thunky? OR I am thunky, tyvm.
by balancedmedium September 26, 2009

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