The sound produced by an erect penis slapping against an object, whether it be the man's own body or a hot girl's face.
He: *THUNK* (penis slaps across a girl's face)
She: OW!!
by cv3 August 28, 2006
Derived from the sound food makes when falling from a row in a vending machine, "thunk" is a general term for food you buy when you have the munchies, but your funds are limited to small change only.
Imagine the sound made by a Honeybun when you buy it from a machine after smoking pot all night.

Dude, you're eating thunk.

Dude, let's go get some thunk.
by Devlan July 27, 2006
The sound a simpletons mind makes when he shifts his thinking into high gear.
Oh yeah...well, uh...uh...uh...(THUNK)...fuck you too.
by harry flashman July 16, 2003
thunk: past tense of think.
I never thunk of that.
by Marcus Macdonald May 22, 2008
To "Flip" a cigarette away after finished, using the thumb and index finger.
I'm going to thunk my cig into the yard or out the window.
by Tron123 August 15, 2005
A cross between a punk and a thug.
Look at that thunk listening to tupac on a skateboard.
by /Name/ October 30, 2003
to consume alcohol while thinking deeply.
Hmm ... Let me thunk about it.
by Joel27 September 08, 2004

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