a strangely loud noise that often has an echo
Mr. A: Wat was that loud thunk?
by wonderous womannnnnn October 05, 2009
Top Definition
Hillbilly terminoligy for thought
Who would have thunk it?
by Gina Evans February 27, 2004
bastardization of thought.
Used only by idiots with poor grammar.
Who would have thunk that...
by lexicon June 16, 2003
To sneak up on someone and bean him with a heavy blow to the back of the head.
"Jim got thunked going home last night. Serves him right for walking in a dark alley with all his paycheck in his pocket.
by skydog70 January 05, 2006
(verb) Used in fandom when a person (or alien creature) is looking gorgeous resulting in jaw dropping, drooling, falling out of chair, dying, or entering a comatose state.

(noun) The sound of someone dying or passing out as a result of sensory overload due to hotness.
Mg and Tan thunked when they saw a picture of Joe Flanigan's boxers.

Did you see that picture of Daniel Jackson? *thunk*
by Young Armenian Pirate May 15, 2005
a remodified past tense saying for thought.
"im thinking thoughts i already thunk."
by roseberryyy March 15, 2010
The dirtiest type of sex known to mankind.
"So I thunked all night last night."
"Really? How was that?!"
"No words can explain..."
by snaidni May 13, 2010
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