a real bitch that deserves such a derogatory term.
Jeez louise that girl on the second floor in accountings is such a freakin' thunder cunt!
by selurmun March 28, 2011
When a cunt has a loud queef that lets out a sound of thunder, killing everyone within a 5 mile radius.
Person 2: Wtf? How!
Person 1: My god damn thundercunt!
by thundercunts4ever March 18, 2011
DEF 1) A word used to describe a female who is undoubtedly wretched, rude, unkind, malicious, etc.
DEF 2) A part of the female anatomy see cunt
Hillary Clinton, Sara Palin, Tipper Gore, Miley Cyrus. All of them represent a Thundercunt
by Spektr-The-Vamp October 20, 2010
A heinous bitch of the worst kind who lives to make others miserable, typically fat and has the thunder crashes of Hades emitting from her large vagina
Jocelynn is a cock-juggling thundercunt.
by allison75 August 22, 2010
A cunt exceedingly larger than others, literal or otherwise.
Fuck that bitch was a thundercunt.

I almost couldn't handle her thundercunt.
by mistresskayone August 03, 2010
A backstabbing evil, lying, cheating, conniving woman who is so rotten that calling her cunt, whore, tramp or bitch doesn't even begin to describe her.
I wonder how long it's going to take for Curlon's newest conquest to find out shes a thundercunt?
by luckylittleme June 24, 2009
One of my favorite insults to call someone on the internet and I still need to use it in real life.
To Call someone a thundercunt one must deserve it.
1:Hey you! shut the fucking hell up you turd guzzling ball sack gobbling cum guzzling ass ramming testicle gobbling butt fucking thunder cunt faggot hoe.

Go piss on an electric fence you blasted thunder-cunt
by (Shadow) July 28, 2006

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