DEF 1) A word used to describe a female who is undoubtedly wretched, rude, unkind, malicious, etc.
DEF 2) A part of the female anatomy see cunt
Hillary Clinton, Sara Palin, Tipper Gore, Miley Cyrus. All of them represent a Thundercunt
by Spektr-The-Vamp October 20, 2010
A heinous bitch of the worst kind who lives to make others miserable, typically fat and has the thunder crashes of Hades emitting from her large vagina
Jocelynn is a cock-juggling thundercunt.
by allison75 August 22, 2010
A woman sleeps around so much, her vagina actually generates static electricity.
She is such a thundercunt, her vagina could probably provide enough power to light up a small village.
by Wicked_mean July 27, 2010
1) A terrible case of the queefs.

2) A loud, boiseterous woman who lacks the ability to shut up.
1) "Oh, jeeze, excuse me -- I have a terrible case of the thundercunts."

2) "Man, Sheila is such a thundercunt!"
by paludism August 18, 2011
a real bitch that deserves such a derogatory term.
Jeez louise that girl on the second floor in accountings is such a freakin' thunder cunt!
by selurmun March 28, 2011
When a cunt has a loud queef that lets out a sound of thunder, killing everyone within a 5 mile radius.
Person 2: Wtf? How!
Person 1: My god damn thundercunt!
by thundercunts4ever March 18, 2011
When a girl's pussy is so messed up, loose, roastbeefy and destroyed because it looks like it got struck by lightning.
That girl I brought home last night was so hot, but when I got her in bed she was a total thunder cunt!
by FHS niggas May 22, 2008

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