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Pussies belong to girls. Cunts belong to women. Thundercunts belong to Amazons. A Thundercunt partner can make you come like you have never come before, amidst roars of thunder and lightning. Large in power rather than in size, a thundercunt will swallow you down and then spit you out until you've experienced orgasmic transcendence, and are so exhausted you can no longer come or go.
Still trembling from his orgasm, John had no doubt that his new girlfiend was the woman of his dreams, a real thundercunt!
by thegameisonz December 06, 2009
23 10
A real bitch. A pain in the ass. Usally a women on a power trip
Man , mandy is a real thunder cunt
by baw87 May 01, 2010
13 5
like a regular cunt only much much bigger. Also one of the coolest ways to insult someone.
"Goddamn I hate my girlfriend, she's such a cum guzzling thunder cunt!"
"Yo...sean...stop being a thunder cunt."
by 69dildo69 November 04, 2007
30 22
A person who's actions and/or personality reflect that of a cunt, but exponentially greater in cunty-ness
Guy 1-Dude, you know Brandi?
Guy 2-I hear she's a bitch.
Guy 1-Not just a bitch, she's a raging thundercunt!
by Alexander the Nate November 11, 2012
11 6
Biggest cunt of them all. Like, the highest rank.

You'd have to be a pretty fucking disgusting fucker to get this title.

Only the special people that suck most get it.
Like the blue bell.
Or any of the Kardashians.
We call her Thundercunt because well...
What else would you call her? She's a fucking bitch.
15 10
A cunt infused with the Will of Zeus
The story of Thundercunt began with a cunt so mighty that zeus himself descended from the heavens and attempted to conquer it only to be cast aside in mere seconds, zeus saw potential and infused it with his will, not his wrath as it was already mighty.
by Boof-Hendo June 01, 2013
4 0
A truly moronic and stupid person. This is that person that you would love to see fall off of some large building.
"Dude Tim Tebow is such a ThunderCunt"
by DonFon November 28, 2011
20 16