For someone who is more than just a regular cunt. It is use to describe someone who is being an ultimate cunt.
Eddie:Wow that bitch won't put out.
Nick: What a Thundercunt
by Eddie Chuprinskas March 16, 2008
A real bitch. A pain in the ass. Usally a women on a power trip
Man , mandy is a real thunder cunt
by baw87 May 01, 2010
like a regular cunt only much much bigger. Also one of the coolest ways to insult someone.
"Goddamn I hate my girlfriend, she's such a cum guzzling thunder cunt!"
"Yo...sean...stop being a thunder cunt."
by 69dildo69 November 04, 2007
A person who's actions and/or personality reflect that of a cunt, but exponentially greater in cunty-ness
Guy 1-Dude, you know Brandi?
Guy 2-I hear she's a bitch.
Guy 1-Not just a bitch, she's a raging thundercunt!
by Alexander the Nate November 11, 2012
Biggest cunt of them all. Like, the highest rank.

You'd have to be a pretty fucking disgusting fucker to get this title.

Only the special people that suck most get it.
Like the blue bell.
Or any of the Kardashians.
We call her Thundercunt because well...
What else would you call her? She's a fucking bitch.
A Thundercunt is a no good, idiotic, back stabbing, hypocritical, narcissistic, egotistical female who has no self worth or thought for other people. Her attitude has physically manifested itself in the form of her vagina causing it to smell rotten as if it was covered in garbage, lit on fire, gang banged by a 100 whales, and then shit on.
You see that girl over there, I heard she screwed over brad. Man she is such a thundercunt for that."
by Nevermourne studios July 14, 2013
Coined in Blade: Trinity by Ryne Renolds' character; Hannibal King, the term is often used to describe types of people the word 'cunt' simple doesn't describe well enough.

Thunder Cunt describes a person so cuntish that it is as if the Thunder God himself had thrown a bolt of lightning into an infected vagina, spread the infection to the brain of said person, leaving them a disastrous, miserable, lonely peice of shit.

Thunder Cunt.
"Ed Davison is a Thunder Cunt"

"Ed Davison you're a mother fucking Thunder Cunt fagoot piece of shit"

Yeah man, that guy Ed Davison is the biggest fucking Thunder Cunt in the entire world"
by Victory of the People April 12, 2010

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