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This is an inexpensive, and highly accurate method of pregnancy testing. A woman of color inserts a peeled banana into her vagina. If it comes out with a bite missing, then she is pregnant.
She took a nigger pregnancy test. She stuck the banana in her snatch, and the shit came out with a bite missin'.
by milkdud August 25, 2006
A cunt of the highest order, who finds new and exciting ways of pissing off her significant other. Thundercunts tend to be over 300 lbs, and hate working just as much as they love chicken nuggets from Wendy's.
Jennifer, you fat fucking pig. Stop being a thundercunt and open the door. I have nuggets for you.....
by milkdud August 23, 2006
The EBT, Access, or Welfare Card.
Cashier - "Cash or credit, Ms. Jenkins"?

Ms. Jenkins - "Go on head and put dat on da African Express card"
by milkdud August 23, 2006
Braejhan is a very ambitious and intelligent woman, who goes after what she wants and keeps focus on her goals. She is a gorgeous woman with a radiant smile and an inspiring spirit. Truly one of a kind! Although Braejhan is not one to where her heart on her sleeve, she is still very caring and loves with all her heart. Braejhan is someone you have to earn and maintain your trust, respect, and love with. So if you are close friends with Braejhan, your a very lucky person. Don't screw that up!
by Milkdud October 08, 2013

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