The feeling of fear and tension when in an awkward situation and you are dying to deliver an arse candle. Can also be the pain felt after eating something while trying desperately to hold in an arse candle.
While at school, with only a rat-ridden toilet at his disposal, John feels the thunder...
by Peter Nelson February 07, 2004
Top Definition
A soundwave caused by lightning rapidly heating the air and exploding.
Fred heard thunder and said, "whooaooaoaoaoo you lose"
by JOHNSON October 30, 2003
A challenge to fight the sky
is that thunder, im sorry i must make my leave and fight the sky!
by June 10, 2009
slang term for heroin
Thunder is pure evil.
by valoem February 06, 2005
a male or female who is really attractive
damn, did you see that guy walking in the mall, he was thunder
by l cathey July 28, 2004
If something is loose or sick or epic or awesome it is thunder. You can also use the words sick, epic, loose or awesome as desscribing words.
That was the most thunder trick
Last night was some loose thunder
That hair cut is thunder man
by quadeosmaximus January 20, 2011
A drinking game involving "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC and any number of players, who stand in a circle, and bring 2 drinks each, (you'll need both). The song is played, and any time any variation of the word 'thunder' (thunder, thunderstruck, etc) is said in the song, the first person in line starts drinking, and keeps drinking until the word is said again, which is when the next person starts drinking, and so on. This continues around the circle until the end of the song. There are 2 solos, which is the worst spot to have.
"Hey man we should definitely play thunder at this party"
"Yeah dude, but I gotta make sure I don't get the solo again. Last time we played I woke up in a ditch with a homeless man tickling my B-Hole"
by Mikey See October 18, 2013
Man in charge. Quick on his feet. A boss. Nothing without bolt, forming the invincible Thunderbolt. Aircraft.
Thunder leads the way.

Put Thunder in charge.
by Lifetrain March 13, 2014
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