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To slap someone with your flacid penis
"My grandma was being really uncooprative, so I gave her the thunder dan"
#penis #slap #mushroom stamp #dick #cock
by Tom Cannon March 15, 2008
5 Words related to thunder dan
1) The nickname for the greatest basketball player from Traverse City, MI.

2) A self proclaimed nickname, that anyone named 'Dan', can call themselves. Hopefully, it will catch on, and your friends will start calling you that.
1) Thunder Dan is wicked from 3 point land.

2) Yo bitch, I told you, I will only respond when you address me as Thunder Dan.
by Dan March 25, 2004
a self reference whenever one is speaking of themself in the third person.
Thunder Dan needs to take a massive dump!
by B.R. March 24, 2004
He who is like Napoleon, short and crazy.
Thunder Dan conquered the tennis court.
by jejacket October 10, 2004
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