An action with the hands that used to be used solely an expression of agreement or acceptance, but when used as an emoji on social media can now also mean "I'm pleased for you, but don't want to carry on the conversation" - a polite version of "whatever" - a way of saying 'whatever' but pretending that you liked what they said.
A:"did you see my photo of the grand canyon. What an amazing place! You should visit it sometime"
A's friend: <thumbs up emoji>
by catnapth June 06, 2016
What you should give this definition.
You should totally give this definition a thumb's up.
by Your mom23423 April 09, 2010
A gesture that, in Australia, means "Up Yours!" and is likenable to the extended middle finger in America.
I'm from down under, so give this definition a thumbs DOWN if you like it, since the thumbs up is an insult here.
by HeavyD2 December 30, 2008
The act and process of orally giving a "thumbs up" into a womens vagina. This process is mastered by jamming ur thumb UP the va jay jay. It is techincally difficult but just stay calm and act as thow ur thumbing ur neighbor.
"Hey man, Did you give ur girl a thumb up last night?"

"Dude I gave her the best thumb up!!" "It was like i was saying Good Job for that loose Gooooooodddddddd PussaayY!!"

"I thumbed her!!, it was awesome!"

"would u prefer to finger or thumb?"

"im going to give my girlfriend a thumbs up."

"thumbs up"
by odiufseofu December 15, 2007
A Hand grenade gesture thrown by hand, thumbs up or thumb up if only using one hand, i.e. the Fonz. A final affirmation for when everything is spot on and knowing that Friendship goes with a bang!
When you look at your hand in the thumbs up gesture side on, if you look closely at the four curled fingers that go into the palm and notice the edge of the knuckles it looks very much like the classic early Hand Grenade known as the pineapple hand grenade. Now looking back at your hand in the thumbs up gesture if you curl over your thumb and imagine its inside the ring that’s joined onto the pin, then move your thumb up as if to remove the pin thumbs up BOOM. A hand gesture thrown by the hand grenade Friendship goes with a bang
by ThumbPin June 04, 2007
What you are about to give this definition
"wow that was an awesome definition, i think it warrants a thumbs up"
by Falze May 04, 2007
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