What I'll keep doing to this definition, and there's nothing you can do to stop me (except thumbs down).
I'll keep coming back here to thumbs up this definition.
by sega31098 April 06, 2011
The ancient phallic symbol of male virility, used today as a means of confirmation or approval.
That ignorant woman flashed me the thumbs-up.
by stillborndesires July 26, 2004
Something users ask for on any youtube video that has a handful of million views, Usually means the top comments aren't in the slightest funny unlike other videos or youtube back in the day.
I hate how every video references to Lil Wayne or Justin Bieber, thumbs up if you want people to stop
by dumguy1&dumguy2 June 21, 2011
1) A sign of approval.
2) Also a insult equal to the middle finger in some cultures (namely the middle eastern ones, where you saw pics of iraqi children giving the thumbs up to american soilders)
1) "Good Job!" *Thumbs Up*

2) "Damn American!" *Thumbs Up*
by Dr. Eazy-Cheeze June 12, 2009
Something next to my definition that you really oughta click
Click the thumbs up
by floppers16 December 08, 2009
Traditionally denotes well wishes though could also imply taking a rest from celting
Thumbs up! Take a break from your cell and let's go for a cuppa coffee if all goes well.
by Hercolena Oliver April 08, 2009
The gesture used by people on every other myspace photo.
Thumbs Up Drinking Game:

Go on myspace.

Go to any profiles picture albums.

Every time you see a thumbs up picture, drink a shot.

by FUCK LAMB OF GOD July 10, 2008
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