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Thugtrap was finally accepted as a real word during a game of Boggle on July 22, 2010 in New York City. It is what you call a ho that's been sleeping with a bunch of people that are either thugs or wiggers and giving them all the Clap, Herps or other STDs but none of them can resist because they're all pussywhipped and too lame to spread their Herps to other game. The thugtrap, also known as a trap for short, tends to have a wider gap or double wide due to all the homies beatin that thang up. Native populations tend to originate in the Dirty South.
Yo man, you seen my girl around?
Yeah, I seen her, that girl a thugtrap !
What's that mean?"
Nuthin, dog; I gotta go to the doctor.
by thugtrap July 23, 2010
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