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Indivituals who present a fake THUG lifesyle to those around them.
Tupac is a real thug, that punk on wearing a bandanna and flashing his fingers is a little THUGNUGGET
by -LivinItUp September 02, 2003
That one chicken nugget that's differently shaped from the rest of the batch. It looks different because it doesn't give a fuck about the societal expectations for nugget dimensions.
Dude, check out this thug nugget from the bottom of the box. It looks like an ear!
by Toast Malone May 08, 2010
An adjective used to describe discolored and/or mishapen teeth.
When she smiled I saw her thug nuggets and I almost threw up.
by Rilla July 11, 2012
An American rapper, most likely African descent, who claims to with-hold an upstanding citicenship. Largely recognized by a Gold-Plated tooth cap on the left incisor of their Gangsta Thug Mouf
Chingy, Little Jon, Mel Gibson, Thug Nugget Blood
by Lil'PrinceWolters-Kingdom January 10, 2011
A person who thinks they are a thug but are really a freshmen that thinks high schoolers are all gangsta like
Dude that thug nugget just tried to sell me weed.
by Coey Oliver February 29, 2008
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