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Like a real thug, only smaller. Usually age 9-17 year old children who aspire to be a crime lord drug dealing womanizing playa. They take themselves very seriously, attempt to emulate eminem, and are offended when patted on the head or scratched behind their ears. They have very limited vocabularies, so use small words that end with -izzle.
Those kids at the mall wearing oversized jersey's they probably ganked from their older siblings and cockeyed baseball caps. Usually scrawny kids with scowling faces.
by Kaoptix February 06, 2005
45 6
An endearing term used to describe a small thug.
Laquesha: "Hayyy, thuglet!"
Small thug: "Say whatt!"
by Somewhat Paranoid October 18, 2007
5 4
White girl wanna be gangster.
White girl: whaddup yo?
Guy: you're just a thuglet.
by Jason Ryan Johnson April 21, 2011
0 3