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saying fresh instead of kool, making the rock and roll sign with your hand, reppin' taylor gang and most importantly, making up your own phrazes.
thug-"Taylor gang til the day i die!straight going hard in the fucking paint nigga
by christianIVXX July 10, 2011
an act of physical violence, as would be performed by a thug.
I'm going to perpetrate some thuggery upon that chap.
by sippymccloy May 14, 2007
the aura of a Thug. This energy allows them to do whatever they put there mind to. can rub off to people surrounding a thug.
His thuggery real rubbed off on me. i feel i can do anything.
by jayswag October 15, 2011
derogatory term for a really ugly girl
daem man, that ckick is just thuggery
by a foot February 23, 2005