POSERS!! HAHA thugettes are the biggest posers i've ever seen. Guys don't like you cuz of your style they like you cuz most of you are fucking hoes!!
I went to a park dressed as gangster n got head from some white girl poser thugette. After she found out i wasnt a gangster she started acting all tough n threatend me so i just laughed and walked away.
by Jake July 07, 2004
Top Definition
A thugette is a girl thug... a tough girl from the hood. She is respected by her fellow thug in her gang.
Gangs. Homie. From da Hood.
by Moussie July 24, 2005
The illest girls on the plantet. Gangstas like us for our style you gotta problem with that Ginas or skata chicks??.. We'll kick the shit outta you lol n our boyz will kick the shit outta yours. Thugetts can be black, hispanic, white or n e race as long as they rep the style well.
The toughest guys like thugettes. All the guys i know prefer thugettes.
by Meagan G July 07, 2004
a beautiful female thug whos almost a strait thugette
katie F
by mateo jaxon August 24, 2003
almost a pimpette, but doesn't really play her men (yea right...) also see Vanessa
Damn, that thugette is tight
by DeSiA&NeSsA June 15, 2004
A thugette is pure filth, usually black or Asian, probably a drug user from a young age, a poison to society who likes disgusting music and even more disgusting men.
Gemma, Akeem, Sonique, Amber, Thugette Gemma.
by Duff Randy Mckeegan April 10, 2006
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