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Term fot the worst of the worst wananbe gangster.
Man, that guy walking by is such a thug-a-boo.
by Dieu, Eric November 19, 2008
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One who wears all the appropriate attire of a thug, talks like one, and attempts to look like one. Usually they're the kind to walk around strutting their stuff, but somehow manage to look like the only thing they can "hold down" is the button on the nacho-cheese dispenser.
Guy A: "Hey, look at that dude over there. He's sagging his pants so his belt doesn't make his muffin-top show."

Guy B: "Man, I'm getting sick of all these thugaboos around here..."
by hermy-ermie March 06, 2013
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Very cute boo; Thuggn boo
Dayum! Look at dat Thugaboo
by Mily August 28, 2004
12 24