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Stilettos worn by sluts or lady's of the night. Coined by a friend in Dallas.
Yall goin' out tonight? Don't forget to wear your slutlettos!
by Yellagirl April 29, 2008
The act of driving around town while handling your business, running your errands. To stop at multiple places in one day.
Say mayne what you got going for today?
Aww, not shit...turnin corners afterwhile. What about you?
by Yellagirl April 29, 2008
Term of endearment for someone that you are dating that is rough around the edges, very street & very hood. You consider this person to be your significant other, girlfriend, boyfriend or really close friend.
I haven't seen you in a while- oh you been chillen with your new boyfriend!
Girl I don't have a boyfriend, he's just my thug boo!
by Yellagirl May 02, 2008
Away From Work Drama. Drama occurring anywhere else but work, it can be on the weekend or after work hours. Can only be dealt with after work.
I know its Monday but whats wrong with you?
Girl, just some AFWD im dealing with, tell you about it later.

When someone at the job says, "Hey, you look a little tired."
Your answer: "Yeah, I have a mild case of AFWD, ill be alright though."
by Yellagirl April 29, 2008

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