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the straight up g money gangstas who roll 10 deep and bust caps in all them peeps who hate and discriminate. usually someone who is not of white man's descent.
full watch out for that thug nasty rollin down the street.
by j rod my nizzle November 19, 2005
The nastiest of them all, but can be thuggin' at the same time. Using the rap gem, his rap isn't artificial and comes from the true thuggin' mothafucka heart. This the real OG straight from the ghetto hood!
After I had McDonald's for 3 days, I was turning into Thug Nasty.
by The Penis Bender November 12, 2012
An 11-year old prick that plays a Paladin on Diablo 2. Has no friends IRL and thinks he is god, just like many others that play D2. Has a boyfriend that plays a barbarian, who is just as much of a prick/faggot as he is. Always picking on random people, usually who have less experience with the game.
(Thug-Nasty): LoL i am #1 paladin on useast. I will own u 1v1 anytime. I am GOD!
(Barb): yaya he is #1. he will fuk u up.
by redlightninzz June 28, 2010
when you are the hardest nigga around and you know it and everyone else knows it and know one complain
Im so thug nasty I can clog the toilet when i piss.
by hiphop101 January 15, 2009
One hairy ass, thug chillin', leg shavin', star stealin', goating, sexy som'bitch. Tug Nay gots that 666swagmoney that makes all dem fine bitches wet. If you don't like the infamous Thug Nasty you best watch you bitch ass, punk ass, pussy ass, back before him and all of the Niqqas lay the smackdown and sparta kicks on your candy monkey ass. Yah heeeeer dat? Aha nigga. Also has the biggest mutha fuckin 4hed you ever seen this side of westside. 90s kid till the day he dies, the ever almighty, omnipotent, and powerful Thug Nasty has been known to make any dyke pussy wet, and any straight man have orgasms with a single flash of his goat.
"whos that sexy motherfucka with the shaved legs and perfect goat over there?"
"That's THE Thug Nasty you twat!!!"
by ThugNastyNBDP May 07, 2012
ThugNasty, A mythical being, and also The notorious leader of all thursdays alongside with party gods Canas, BigBird, Tocino, & Balz. ThugNasty Is Said To have killed so many men, each hair on his gangsta ass arm represents 5 murders each. ThugNasty is also claimed to be releaed from the asylum every October 19th to party his mythical gangsta ass off!
A Wild ThugNasty Appears! ThugNasty Used PimpCane! It Was Super Effective! R.I.P Dude ThugNasty Just Massacred...
by DatNiqqaBalz October 19, 2011
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