1 A retarded person
2 Something that is real fucked up.
1 That throwed off mutha-fucker just ate my pie!
2. Those boots are throwed off!
by Professa August 18, 2004
Top Definition
Either drunk or high or fucked up some other way.
That motha fucka at the party was throwed off!
by gamester October 11, 2005
Fucked up in the head.
Mystikal's song: Im throwed off
by GHayes August 07, 2005
A record label and entertainemt company founded by Big Cam.
Throwed Off is bringing the Houston rap scene.
by ugie2d3 April 08, 2015
Not right in the head
Billy got hit by a car and now he is throwed off.
by minnien August 22, 2007
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