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What you say when your going to attend a party.
Hey bro, wanna catch a movie tomorrow night?

Nah man, I can't, its pizza night tomorrow.

by Mac Linton May 13, 2005
Despite sounding like an innocent night in "Pizza Night" refers to a night of sexual activities between three people, usually involving a combination of *Alcohol, *Cannabis and Pizza (*not essential). A traditional "Pizza Night" usually consists of 2 guys and 1 girl, the females back is then used as a table to rest the pizza during intercourse.

The "Pizza Night" ploy takes inspiration from the age old "Do you want to come round and watch a DVD?" technique, however has a much higher success rate due to the fact that bitches love Pizza!
Leonardo Dicaprio: Bro you think we should invite Mila Kunis round for "Pizza Night"?
God: Nahhh, she probs hasn't recovered from the last time we stuffed her crust ;)
Leonardo Dicaprio: True... Emma Watson??
by RJBD February 05, 2014