throwdown= the agressive push and and pull of a hook up that makes it so hot u come out sweating, where u undress eachother, not urself, ur moving so fast and hard no one can talk, wen the guy undresses u and lifts u on to the wall all at the same time, but nos how to kiss u w/o over doing itwhere u get thrown hard enough so that it almost hurts, u may even get a some bruises, its hard to remember everything afterwards because u were so involved in fire that u cant remember wat happened u loose track of time and its almost like wrestling with out the stupid spandex suits and u never forget a hookup with good throw down, ever
The sex throwdown was so intense, i had scars.
by magpie62 November 21, 2006
A glass bottle of beer somewhere in the region of 250 mL, not to be confused with a middy.
I can't afford a case of regular sized stubbies so I'll go with throwdowns.
by La Douche April 13, 2004
to fight at a concert
some people only go to concerts for the throwdown
by Squishmanchu February 26, 2006
When one throws all the other characters in super smash brothers without being thrown himself.
Oh man, i just threw everyone. Thats another throwdown for me.
by oswald the ninja July 19, 2004
a male superiority term describing sex, usually a one night stand or party romp.
Did you give that bitch the throwdown?
by Derrek Gauthier March 25, 2006
to have sex with other guys
Brad threw down last night...4 times
by The Truth May 26, 2003

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