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to take a shit, defecate, poop, crap, use the toilet, squeeze shit out of your asshole
yo, there better be some toilet paper in your bathroom, cuz i gotta go throw down some brown.
by sharktongue September 17, 2006
pronounced like "dish-eye". to do the dishes, to clean any type of kitchen dish, cup, pan, utensil etc...

alternate plural version of do the dishes. dishii replaces dishes.

it's like the plural of fungus, which is funghi.

originated by colombian males from miami,fl,usa while living in vancouver, canada
oh man! that coconut curry tofy stir fry we just cooked was mad good. fuck, i guess now its time to "do the dishii".
by sharktongue September 17, 2006
crazy, insane, ridiculous, unbelievable, demented, bizarre
Yo, i can't believe you got rear ended by that 18-wheeler, that's crazytown butterfly.
by sharktongue September 14, 2006
originated in miami, florida.

it means of great quantity or quality.
a lot, super, extremely, plenty.

this spinach quiche is mad good.

i just bought mad books at the store.

that bitch was mad ugly.
by sharktongue September 17, 2006
it is short for kitchen. southwest miami style shortens words to make them one syllable. such as kitch(kitchen) and vag(vagina)
yo, do u need anything from the kitch? cuz im getting a glass of orange juice and a some hummus n pita.
by sharktongue September 17, 2006

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