What a married man does to his ex affair partner when the wife catches him and he realizes he screwed up royally and wants his marriage back.
In order to keep his marriage, Jack felt impelled to throw his mistress under the bus so fast you could see the tire tracks on her back. To throw under the bus usually means someone is a liar.
by micmc January 02, 2008
1. To denounce and reject a friend, mentor, relative, colleague, or casual acquaintance for the sake of political expediency.

2. Something that critics demand politicians do to the allegedly toxic people they are allegedly connected to. Only applies to black presidential candidates, who can throw their acquaintances under the bus repeatedly without ever satisfying the media's taste for roadkill.
January: Why doesn't Obama throw his former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, under the bus?

May: Why did Obama wait so long to throw Wright under the bus?

June: Who else will Obama need to throw under the bus?
by mystash May 01, 2008
To be a royal jick (see jick entry)

To ask someone to prom after one of your best friends tells you that he wants to ask her

To give someone 3/10ths of a rain fly on a camping trip where you know its gonna rain

To kill them in halo in order to score in capture the flag...when your friend did all the work to get it there

To lie about doing your girlfriend in the butt and not revealing the truth for 3 months
Thanks Chris, why don't you throw me under the bus

I just got thrown under the bus

I want to throw you under a bus

you know what i want to throw under the bus?
by Big Phillip December 03, 2007
This is what you do when you can't think of any other way to break up with your girlfriend.
I didn't want to hurt Jane's feelings, so I just threw her ass under the bus instead.
by foy_45 March 28, 2004
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