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That idiot who was on Growing Pains...he has curly hair, and his sister played DJ on Full House.
I wouldn't fuck Kirk Cameron, but I'd probably do his sister. Probably.
by foy_45 March 28, 2004
Two fruits that, when combined, become the most bad ass superfruit ever.
I'm going to eat me some strawberry banana yogurt, because it kicks serious ass.
by foy_45 March 28, 2004
1) A penis, aged to the point where it has absolutely no sexual use.

2) A prick over the age of 50 who does shit just to piss you off.
Woman: Hey there you rich senior citizen, how about coming into the hot tub and fucking me until you have a corinary?
Old Man: I can't, I have an old dick.


Jim: That 60 year old guy down the street tipped over my barbeque because he said it was making too much noise.
John: Shit guy, that bastard down the street sure is an old dick.
by foy_45 March 28, 2004
See jailbait.
Jim: I just fucked Hilary Duff.
Policeman: She is underage. You're under arrest.
Jim: Shit. That Hilary Duff ain't nothin but jailbait.
by foy_45 March 28, 2004
That loser in Boy Meets World that was always up in Cory and Shawn's business when they were young. He was always being a smart ass and giving them backtalk. He is lucky they didn't pimp slap him.
Mincus is lucky Corey and Shawn didn't pimp slap his back-talking little ass.
by foy_45 March 28, 2004
verb: to get really drunk, destroy something that does not belong to you (i.e. public washroom, local grocery store, etc.), and be brought home by the local authorities.
John: Oh man, you have to watch over me tonight, just incase I get out of hand and partland something.
Jim: True that.
by foy_45 March 28, 2004
A homosexual orgy.
There was an abundance of banana in that fruit salad.
by foy_45 April 01, 2004

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