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Scots. A derogatory term for a contemptible and stupid person. It's origins derive from the aroused state of the penis and hence is used only as a term of abuse for males; although as the genders are becoming harder to distinguish in certain housing schemes in and around the city of Glasgow this can no longer be guaranteed. If one is behaving in a ridiculous manner, and apparently irritable to everyone in the vicinity, one can expected to be denounced as a 'throbber'.
Heh Bawbag, stope actin' like a throbber.
by Erchie McGeakle November 21, 2005
One MASSIVE dick
You got a new 130cm tv? Wow, that's almost as big as my throbber!
by breeeeennnden July 20, 2003
A pulsating vein, usually on the forehead that is a predictor of a violent outlash from a hotheaded person.
Steer clear of Ramon...he's got a throbber and needs someone to skim the turds out of the alligator pit.
by harry flashman July 17, 2003
a headache so large your head feels like its throbbing.
yo Scott i can't come to Moose tonight I got a massive throbber
by headache210 May 13, 2009
One who forcibly inserts his or her penis the rectum of another person!
Hey, you throbber! Watch where you put that thing!

A: Let's play cops and throbbers!
by The Charles October 28, 2003
A pulsating body appendage.
While momentarily distracted by the blond women with the big chest, Rodney struck his thumb with his 22oz. framing hammer, giving himself an intantaneous throbber.
by megnao flimpis July 17, 2003
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