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1. an attempted variation of the phrase pwn'd
2. something someone says to try and sound smart
1. "Damn, she threw the torch down."

2. Person 1: "I can't believe he just said that."
Person 2: "He threw the torch down!"
Person 1: "What is that? That's not even a real phrase."
by threwthetorchdown1 December 18, 2011
-When someone wins an argument or a burn/comeback has been used, a third-party should respond using this term.

-Can be used in multiple ways but must be used with the words throw-the-torch-down, in that order.
Kim: At least my butt is big!
Khloe: She just threw the torch down!

Justin: Well, I know I can sing, what about you?
Shaq: oh boy! The torch has just been thrown down!
by prettygirlrock18 September 24, 2011