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The act of three bros simultaneously ejaculating into the hair of a ladyfellow.
Bro1: Hey bro, I'm having a party tonight, wanna come?
Bro2: Ehh... dunno. I think I have plans.
Bro1: COME ON, we're making three cheese alfredo...
Bro2: oooh my favorite. Who's the lucky lady?
Bro1: your mom.
Bro2: so not clutch.
by SirBlondie December 20, 2008
25 8
One of the many things guys can do with each other when they're all secretly gay, but too pussy and insecure to admit it.

Three guys gather 'round a girl and simultaneously cum onto her hair.

Three guys, all naked, jacking off together. If that isn't latently homosexual, I don't know what is. The girl doesn't change that, and is obviously a front. Take her away, and you're presented with exactly what they all wish it was.
Guy 1: I was in a three cheese alfredo yesterday. It was so hot.

Guy 2: Especially when you got some splatter on yourself, right?

Guy 3: ... Hey!
by kjsdfvlksd July 02, 2010
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