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18 definitions by SirBlondie

As Fast As Possible
Nurse, get me some dirty magazines, AFAP.
by SirBlondie January 17, 2009
38 6
A laughably ill-informed perception of style
Bro: AHHH yeah, breh, check out these kanye shutter shades.
Fellow: Styloling it up, I see.
Bro: YUHYEAH... wait, what?
by Sirblondie August 21, 2008
42 11
shorthand for premature ejaculation
Peekay: SORRY FOR PREMEJACCING. I can't help it... I'm foreign.
by SirBlondie December 15, 2008
23 4
Pedosticks combines the alluring qualities of chopsticks and pedophilia.

As with fiddlesticks, it can be used to denote frustration for being unable to do something. Unlike with fiddlesticks, that something is jailbait.
Chris Hansen: I'm Chris Hansen from Dateline. Why don't you take a seat?

Prashanth: Aww pedosticks.
by SirBlondie December 13, 2008
26 8
Nickname for Raleigh, North Carolina.
Sprawl + Raleigh = Spraleigh.
Bro1: Uggh Daniel supposedly lives in Raleigh but google maps says it's a 45 minute drive.
Bro 2: That's Spraleigh for you...
by SirBlondie December 20, 2008
20 3
A female who's so clutch she'd totally be a fellow if it weren't for the whole boobs and vagina thing going on.
Dude, Sarah's the chillest ladyfellow ever. We were totally playing xbox last night, and I almost forgot she wasn't a bro.
by SirBlondie December 20, 2008
22 5
The act of three bros simultaneously ejaculating into the hair of a ladyfellow.
Bro1: Hey bro, I'm having a party tonight, wanna come?
Bro2: Ehh... dunno. I think I have plans.
Bro1: COME ON, we're making three cheese alfredo...
Bro2: oooh my favorite. Who's the lucky lady?
Bro1: your mom.
Bro2: so not clutch.
by SirBlondie December 20, 2008
25 8