Slang term for any injectable narcotic (Dublin city specific)
Johno's gone down to the dealer for some needle and thread.
by The Deadly Mechanism February 28, 2013
for cam: swim suit
for everyone else: clothes
trying out my new threads
(Cam trying out his new suit in a race)
(Someone trying out their new clothes)
by Jon February 22, 2005
sort of like a blog on a forum, except where a blog is more about the person who wrote it, a thread is more open to discussion on a topic.
This thread is in the wrong forum.
by whatserface December 17, 2008
The annoying alternative one uses on a forum instead of using "topic". The only forum software known to man that uses "thread" is VBulletin.
Noob: This is a funny thread!

Pro: Shut the hell up you retarded noob, it's called a topic.
by Da Milkman February 24, 2009
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