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v. Thread crapping occurs when a person comes into a thread and posts something contrary to the spirit/intent of the thread, often derailing the discussion or turning it into an argument.
Coming into a thread titled "I love my new Apple Macintosh!", and posting "PCs are better and cheaper" is thread crapping.
#thread #crap #crapping #forum #board
by keyshaw March 23, 2010
Making off-topic posts in a thread on a message board.
This has nothing to go with the subject, stop thread crapping you idiot!
by cvrefugee February 03, 2005
Posting in a large amount of threads in a relatively short period of time, often the post adds no important contribution to the thread. Related to spamming.
Poster #1:I dont know, M is one of the variables.
Poster #2: Jacksons an idiot.
Admin: Poster #2 permabanned for thread crapping.
#thread spamming #spamming #contributing #necropost #helping
by Jon the asian January 05, 2011
Negative comments in a forums for sale area.

-Off topic comments are "Thread Jacking".
Thread crapping in the for sale section is not allowed.
#thread jacking #threadcraping #threadcrapping #threadjacking #thread
by MiseryQ October 03, 2006
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