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A Thoroughbread is used in reference to the overall visual & physical appearance of a Stunning Beautiful Woman. & if a Woman is considered in every mans eyes The Ultimate Dream Girl & The Ultimate Rock-N-Roll Dream Girl in every RockStar musician's eyes....then it's safe to assume this type of female would be referred to as a Clydesdale. The Best of The Best
Like when a guy is describing what type of female he prefers to his homies he'd say: I cant get dwn w/ Kibbels & Bits. skinny women just don't do it for me. Put a meat & potatoes woman in front of me & there's nothing I won't do. I'll take a Thoroughbread over Kibbels & Bits Anyday. & God willing if I'm ever fortunate enough to meet & be w/The Crem Del La Crem of Women...The Best of The Best A Clydesdale.....Pray for Me.
by MakeitNarain February 01, 2014

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